Food & Home Workshops

NOFA-NJ offers programs for consumers interested in organic and sustainable food and home care.

A Program of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey 

The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey has begun a planning process of redefining and significantly expanding our educational programs. With the help of committed members on our programing committee we are reaching out to a host of stakeholders, educators, and partner organizations in order to better understand the needs within the Organic community and the scope of current offerings. To help us reach out to and better understand the work of existing Organic educators, mentors, and consultants, we are conducting a 15-question Organic Education Survey.  We greatly appreciate sharing your thoughts and experience with us! (Click here to go to the survey.)  For more information about our current offerings, or to join the programing committee, please contact Connie Deetz, our Administrative Coordinator: