The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey is committed to educating farmers, gardeners, land care professionals, and consumers about organic and sustainable food and agriculture.  Please click below to learn more about our on-going educational workshops and events.

We have also begun a planning process of redefining and significantly expanding our educational programs.To help us reach out to and better understand the work of existing Organic educators, mentors, and consultants, we are conducting a 15-question Organic Education Survey.  We greatly appreciate sharing your thoughts and experience with us! (Click here to go to the survey.

Beginning Farmer Incubator Program

This past year NOFA-NJ was able to secure funding from the USDA to launch New Jersey’s first Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program.  Affordable access to land in New Jersey is a great barrier for potential farmers. NOFA-NJ is supporting the launch of 5 farm businesses this year as they “test” their business plans in a low risk environment by offering support with utilities and irrigation, low rent, shared farm equipment & barn space, experienced mentors and educational field days offerings with $1,000 stipends. 

Upon successful completion of our incubator program, land linkage opportunities are being developed in partnership with the State Agriculture Development Committee and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture so participants may transfer their farm enterprises to other areas of the State.

Our Beginning Farmer Program has many working components. Find out how you can participate in the program.


Farmer Twilight Meetings - monthly events during the growing season to explore new topics hosted by farmers around the state
Farmer Courses - courses for every level including farm planning, business courses, technical assistance, and more.  Includes Exploring the Small Farm Dream and Tilling the Soil of Opportunity.
farmBASE - join other farm interns and beginning farmers for projects on farms throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Organic Gardening Series - hands-on courses covering topics ranging from compost to seed saving to pests
Permaculture Design Certification Course - an 8 day intensive  teaching the principles of permaculture for home-gardeners or professionals

Organic Land Care

Organic Land Care for Homeowners - workshops designed to help you treat the spaces around your home organically and safely
Permaculture Design Certification Course - an 8 day intensive  teaching the principles of permaculture for home-gardeners or professionals


Consumer Education - farm-to-table workshops and courses to help you make the most of your farm fresh food