The Incubator Farm

What is this "Incubator Farm?" Our Incubator Farm is a land leasing arrangement for beginning farmers who have farming experience and a business idea, but do not have access to land. It is a low-risk environment to launch your farming business and "test" your idea. You will have access to multiple acres of deer-fenced, irrigated land with equipment, business planning and marketing support plus barn space! The farm is located in Hillsborough, NJ at Duke Farms. Farmers who are accepted onto the Incubator Farm will also have access to educational scholarships.

2013 - 2014 Fee Schedule

     Year 1    Year 2    Year 3
Land Rental            
 Fenced & Irrigated      $135/acre/yr.      $145/acre/yr.      $155/acre/yr.
 Unirrigated & Fenced    $100/acre/yr.    $110/acre/yr.    $120/acre/yr.
 Pasture    $50/acre/yr.    $55/acre/yr.    $60/acre/yr.
 Barn Space (after 1st bay)    $45/bay/mo.    $50/bay/mo.    $55/bay/mo.
 Greenhouse Space
   $150 - full bench*    TBD    TBD
 *a full bench is 68' l x 4' w
   $75 - half bench        
 Cooler Space** (4x4x4)    $350/pallet/yr.       $400/pallet/yr.       $450/pallet/yr.  
 **no additional refrigerators are allowed in barn             
 Program Management Fee
Includes: One barn bay for storage
and equipment, primary tillage,
program management/meetings,
match with mentor, cottage access,
wash stand use up to 4 hrs per week,
NOFA-NJ Individual membership, 
$500 annual education stipend towards
NOFA-NJ programs, plus NOFA-NJ
Winter Conference 2-day admission
   $1,500    $2,000    $2,500


Incubator Farm WISH LIST

As we embark on one of the most important sustainability projects in NJ in this decade and start to build the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey’s Beginner Farmer/Rancher Development Program Incubator, we are hoping all our members and other generous folks in the communities surrounding us will help support our efforts through generous donations. With extra funds and equipment from you we will be helping the next generation of farmers learn the art, science and craft of farming.

While we are funded by the USDA NIFA grant, this funding does not cover capital improvements, equipment, tools, etc. Fortunately we are launching our program at Duke Farms where we will receive support in the form of land, fencing, water, a barn, etc. But we need more than that to make this a reality. As any farmer, or even gardener knows, good equipment is important in order to do a good job.

We hope you’ll check your barns, lofts, sheds, attics and basements for equipment you no longer need or are trading in. We only ask that your donations are in usable shape.

Thank you so much for thinking of us, while you help NJ’s food supply grow and be more sustainable over time.  We couldn’t appreciate it more.


The leadership and staff of NOFA-NJ



•        Stainless steel wash stand equipment (Tables, sinks)
•        Cooler
•        Large air conditioner for COOL-BOT cooler
•        Rototiller
•        Pickup truck for on-farm use only
•        Tractor - appropriately sized
•        ATV with trailer (trailer can be used to move other equipment as well)
•        Livestock trailer
•        Electric golf cart
•        Water tank
•        Handcart and/or wheelbarrows
•        Hand Mower
•        Weed-whacker
•        Manure spreader

•        Circular saw
•        Battery operated drill/driver
•        Hammers
•        Electrician’s pliers
•        Socket set
•        Adjustable wrenches
•        Screwdrivers
•        Tool boxes
•        Flat and pointed spades
•        Digging fork
•        Collinear hoe
•        Fence-post driver
•        Fence pliers
•        Hoses
•        Digging bar
•        Broad fork
•        Harvest crates and baskets
•        5-gallon buckets


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Funding for the Beginning Farmer Program is provided in part by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant # 2011-49400-30739.