Shaping the Organic 

Farming Movement in NJ

Since our inception in 1985, the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey, (NOFA-NJ) has shaped the sustainable growing movement in New Jersey and nationally through policy action, publications, events, and outreach.

In cooperation with many partners in all arenas of the food realm, we work to support policies that: 

• Create, encourage and grow economic opportunities for sustainable farmers in the state,
• Increase support for the government entities that support sustainable growing practices, including the programs within the NJ Department of Agriculture, Rutgers Cooperative Extension and Experiment Station, and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service,
• Encourage sustainable growing practices and environmental protection of our regional foodshed.

CAPTION: NOFA policy committee members Julie Bottini and Johathan Vorchieimer with Jeffrey Smith (middle), author of Genetic Roulette and executive director of Institue of Responsible Technology at March Against Monsanto in NYC in May 2015.