The NJ Sustainable Agriculture Survey

Welcome to the New Jersey Sustainable Agriculture Survey!

Developed to fill in the gaps left by other agricultural survey's, such as the Agricultural Census, this survey focuses on the experiences and opinions of New Jersey's current and planning farmers. Regardless of the title, this survey was developed for farmers of all types throughout the state, regardless of production practices. We encourage both current farmers and people who are considering or planning to farm to fill out the survey.

Help us help you!


Your response will provide much needed data for the development of farm support programs for farmers in New Jersey.

To determine if you are someone who should fill this survey out, as well as which version to take, please use the following guidelines:

If you: Do not
own a farming operation.
Are considering farming as a career path. Take the
 “Planning Farmers” survey.
If you: Currently own your own farming operation. Sell your farm products. Are planning to continue farming. Take the
“Current Farmers” survey.

The survey should take less than ten minutes to complete, and may take just 2 minutes of your time! Your participation is greatly appreciated!

For any questions about this survey, click here.

Privacy Statement: All personal information filled out on this survey will be kept entirely confidential, and will not be published in any way without your prior, written consent.