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Use the form below to find a farm or product near you. Results will display a Google map showing the location of all the farms that match your search.  

The simplest way to search is to type in your zip code in the zip code field, then select distance from you and click search. That will show you all the farms within a certain radius of your zip code.

You can also enter multiple search options instead of or along with your zip code by making selections from the product list, typing in a keyword, and/or selecting from the drop down menus.

Select one or more products from the list below:

Corn                                      Tomatoes                        Potatoes
Root Crops                          Squashes                        Pumpkins
Greens                                 Peppers                            Garlic
Mushrooms                         Organic Lawn Care        Lawn & Garden Services    
Poultry/Eggs                        Meat                                   Dairy  
Fish                                       Plants/Seeds                   Trees
Lumber/Wood Products    Grains/Hay                       Value-Added Products
Herbs                                    Flowers                             Fruit
Berries                                  Peaches                           Apples
Melons                                  Wool & Fibers                  Honey & Beeswax Products
Maple Syrup

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