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West Farm

Organic Status: Certified Organic
Type of Farm Operation: Farm Store,Educational Activities



When we purchased this farm over 35 years ago, it was being used for conventional cropping and a small ornamental horticulture nursery.  The corn fields and Christmas trees are now gone and much of the land is in the Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program (WHIP).  Other than the WHIP program, our main focus is on producing fruit and nut trees and establishing a small North American Pawpaw orchard, as well as other fruit and nut trees. Currently, in the orchard we have about 100 pawpaw trees and over 30 different cultivars in various stages of growth.

 Our main emphasis is on the North American pawpaw,  mulberry, and  American persimmon tree production.  Currently we have several cultivars of pawpaws, including all six of Neal Peterson’s cultivars, available.  These are grafted 3 yr. trees growing in 14” tall tree trainer pots.  Also, grafted mulberry trees, and persimmon and pawpaw seedlings are available.  Sporadically, Buckeye, Horse chestnut, Evodia, Kentucky coffee , Ginkgo, Crab apple, and a few other tree seedlings are also available. 

Contact: Charles West
Phone: 908-255-5471
Address: 116 Burnt Mills Road
Zip Code: 08876
County: Somerset
Web Site: none

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