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West Farm

Organic Status: Organic Not Certified
Type of Farm Operation: Farm Store,Educational Activities



When we purchased this farm over 30 years ago, it was being used for conventional cropping and a small ornamental horticulture nursery.  The corn fiels and Christmas trees are now gone and much of the land is in the Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program (WHIP).  Other than WHIP, our main focus is on producing fruit and nut trees and establishing a small North American paw paw orchard, as well as other fruit and nut trees.


Our products include grafted fruit trees, nut trees, and some herbaceous perennials.  Specifically, we have over 20 grafted cultivars of North American Paws Paws, grafted apple, pear, medlar, peach, mulberry, plum, cornelian cherry, and cherry plum.  Also available: Hybrid chestnuts (several cultivars), Black Locust, Honey Locust, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Hybrid Oaks, Szechuan Pepper, Toona, Ginkgo, Evodia, Osage Orange, Napalese pepper, Japanese Pagoda Tree, Japanese Raisin Tree, Italian Alder, Pussy Willow.

Contact: Charles West
Phone: 908-725-1520
Address: 116 Burnt Mills Road
Zip Code: 08876
County: Somerset
Web Site: none

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