Growers Assistant Wanted in Mercer County

Name: Allegra Lovejoy

Email Address: Phone: County: Mercer
Preferred Method of Contact:
If "Other":
Growers Assistant

Detailed Description of Position: The Growers Assistant is an integral member of the farm's agricultural production and public programs. Although our small team typically works together, the Growers Assistant will occasionally be asked to work independently. Our team consists of the Farm Manager, two Growers Assistants, and one Landscape Assistant. Volunteers are a frequent and important contribution to our team.

Seasonal Position - March 15-November 15
Position is 20-30 hours per week, Monday-Saturday (Tuesdays *or* Fridays off), work occasional Saturdays

Responsibilities include:
- Greenhouse management
- Field management (cultivation, planting, harvesting, watering)
- Harvesting, washing, and packing in preparation for markets or donations
- Compost system
- Supervising volunteers and interns
- Interacting with the public on the farm at any time (visitors), at public events, and at markets
- Assisting with additional projects as needed

Description of Farm: Capital City Farm is a two-acre farm in Trenton (301 N. Clinton Ave) growing fruits and vegetables and cut flowers and maintaining a small orchard and a pollinator meadow. We seek to increase availability of fresh produce in the city, to educate the public about farming and land stewardship, and to give city residents access to green, open space right in the middle of the city. The property was preserved by the City, Mercer County and D&R Greenway Land Trust in late 2014 and opened as a farm in summer 2016 under D&R Greenway’s management. We have been guided by a variety of local residents, social enterprise consultants, local farmers and conservation scientists, and local nonprofits.

Skills: Requirements
- A desire to learn about farming and to practice farming on a daily basis is a basic requirement.
- Ability to transport themselves to the job site and show up on time, ready to work each day.
- Ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions doing sometimes difficult or repetitive tasks.
- Ability to lift and carry at least 30 lb and to work at a steady pace while standing, sitting, kneeling, or squatting.
- Ability to interact with the public in a pleasant and professional manner and to represent the farm appropriately.
- Ability to pass a basic background check for working with children.
- Some experience in gardening, landscaping, or agricultural work is required.
- Experience in retail (farm sales or otherwise), leading volunteers or teaching is a plus.
- Bilingual ability in Spanish is a plus.

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