Farm Internship Available in Mercer County

Name: Paul Lawler

Email Address: Phone: 609-855-1502 County: Mercer
Preferred Method of Contact:
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Detailed Description of Position: Job Description You will be exposed to the world of farmstead cheese-making from the ground up. Learn cheese processes - pasteurizing, safety protocols and HACCP familiarity, handling the curd, basic milk/cheese chemistry, plus the crucial work of affinage. While some work will be side by side with our Cheese-makers, it's expected you will be given many tasks to be done independently once you've been trained and will work one short day a week on your own.

We sell products through our on-site farm store, and wholesale our award-winning cheese to a variety of gourmet stores & restaurants in the New York/Philadelphia area. We also attend several regional farmers markets.

There will be hard hours on your feet and menial tasks. It can be repetitive and mundane. Sanitation is key. No prior experience is required, but experience with food prep, cheese work or familiarity with farm life is encouraged.

But it's not all scrubbing and flipping - you will learn not only cheese-making, but also skills in the direct-marketing and how-to of wholesale dairy. Attending a regional farmers' market will be part of your week. You will also spend time learning the essentials of wholesale work, cutting and packaging orders for delivery week-to-week. You will also be expected to attend and help prep for events occasionally. All of these are fun ways to meet the people who eat and appreciate your work, as well as being a good way to make connections within the local farming and sustainability community.

Description of Farm: Cherry Grove Farm is a diversified, sustainable dairy farm and creamery situated on 480 acres of woodland, wetland and pasture in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, making award-winning farmstead cheeses from our grass-fed raw cows’ milk. Our cheeses are made in small batches and aged on the farm, with attention paid to the craft of artisanal cheesemaking. Each piece reflects the distinct flavors, aromas and seasonal variations of our unique terroir.

As part of our sustainable ecosystem, we also raise a small number of heritage breed pigs, lambs, chickens and beef cattle, producing grass- and whey-fed meats, raised without hormones, antibiotics or steroids. By raising a variety of animals and using our resources efficiently, we create a farm that is sustainable not only in production, but also as a business. With this ethos comes a commitment to the long term health of our land. We believe in building from the soil up, working to ensure that our organically certified pastures are nourished and thriving. Good soil = Healthy Forage = Healthy Cows = Quality Milk = Quality Cheese.

Our commitment as a farm is to be transparent, to educate and engage with our community, reconnecting our neighbors to the land and the source of their food. We offer a series of cheesemaking and homesteading classes on the farm, as well as farm tours for schools, private groups, and the public. Our cheeses are sold wholesale and retail to a variety of distributors, markets, and restaurants in the New York/Philadelphia area, and through regional farmers markets and events. Pasture-raised meats are sold through our retail channels.

Learn more at, visit us on Facebook and Instagram @cherrygrovefarm

Skills: We are looking for an enthusiastic person with a passion for food, not afraid of hard work, and interested in learning about cheese-making on a sustainable diversified farm. The ideal candidate is down-to-earth, positive, and non-smoking. Valid DL required. Like any experience, you get out of it what you put into it. Your "off time" would be your own and we would encourage you to explore the area. We can tap our network to set up visits to other farms/producers to round out your experience.

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