Production Crew Wanted in Warren County

Name: Poplar Wood Farm

Email Address: Phone: County: Warren
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Production Crew in Warren County

Detailed Description of Position: Production crew members will assist with all aspects of production and distribution. Tasks include but are not limited to the following: greenhouse production, transplanting, direct seeding, irrigation, fertility management, cultivation, harvesting, washing/packing, and animal husbandry. We operate as a small team so everyone participates in a variety of tasks and pitches in wherever needed.
Opportunity for advancement as experience is gained and proficiency is demonstrated. Hourly pay rate based on experience.

Description of Farm: Poplar Wood Farm is a 15-acre family run farm located in the Warren County, New Jersey town of Port Murray; where we grow vegetables, cut flowers, fresh herbs and eggs using organic methods. We rely on the use of cover cropping, compost, beneficial insects, and other environmentally conscious ways of growing our crops. We don't use any synthetic inputs and no GMO seed. We attend farmers markets in northern New Jersey and have a CSA program that is currently in its seventh season. For more information about the farm, please visit our website (

Skills: All applicants are expected to have the ability and willingness to work long, physical days outside in all weather conditions. We seek individuals that are enthusiastic, have a great work ethic, and a desire to learn sustainable/organic methods. Farming is both physically and mentally demanding and applicants should be fully committed to meeting these challenges. Critical thinking and common sense are underrated but important skills to have. Being physically fit, able to lift 50 pounds and move at a quick, consistent pace are requirements. Previous agriculture experience desired but not required. Having the aforementioned characteristics can make up for any lack of prior experience.

Applications now being accepted on a rolling basis. To apply, please send a resume and letter of interest to In your cover letter please include a description of any prior experience, explanation of your interest in Poplar Wood Farm, and note dates of availability.

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